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When Is Therapy Complete?


As an existential therapist, or one who mostly travels in the world of losses, the question often arises… so when is therapy over? When is someone better? Is that even the goal of good psychotherapy? It [...]

When Is Therapy Complete?2020-03-23T08:34:04-04:00



We live our lives thinking, behaving, and feeling. At some level, these three are so interrelated as to drive one another with great complexity. On another level, evolution teaches us that we are feeling beings. Over [...]


Addiction and Therapy


So, you have an addiction. Alcohol, drugs, coffee, porn, pasta, cake, gambling, shopping, shoplifting, chocolate, running, novels, news, your phone, facebook, twitter, and on and on. Starting to sound a little like everyone is on [...]

Addiction and Therapy2020-03-23T08:39:01-04:00
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