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This section provides information on what group therapy is about, how it works and the purpose and processes involved for each particular group. Please contact us with any questions about our groups.

We realize how important group therapy can be. Lampost Wellness Centers takes great pride in offering therapeutic group sessions that accommodate a wide range of schedules and objectives for positive treatment outcomes.

Group psychotherapy is a means of changing behavior and emotional patterns, based on the premise that much of human behavior and feeling involves the individual’s adaptation and response to other people. It is a process carried out in formally organized groups of four or more individuals who seek change in their personal life, including improvement in interpersonal relationships. The composition of a group may be heterogeneous or homogeneous regarding the sex, age or problem a group of individuals may be experiencing. The group becomes a “sample” of the outside world, reproducing conditions of interpersonal relationships; its members jointly participate in learning about and experiencing the thoughts, feelings and styles of interaction of self and others. They also participate in attempting new behaviors and dealing with the consequences of such behaviors, with the intended result that they will eventually be able to employ these behavior patterns outside the group.

Specific Groups Offered

Tuesday Evening Group

This mixed gender process group for adults from 30 to 70 addresses the issues that underlie interpersonal relationship problems, fear based anxieties, the existential issues of meaning and isolation, intrapsychic conflict and compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Thursday Evening Young Adults Group

This young adult process group for ages 19-30 addresses the core issues that underlie relational difficulties, subconscious societally induced anxiety, hopelessness, and has a powerful component for treating compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Saturday Group

This mixed gender group for adults from 45 to 80 specifically addresses change of life dilemmas, core anxieties, resistant depression, and maladaptive behaviors, through psychodynamic, process, and existentially focused therapies.

Purpose of the Group and How It Works

When you participate in group therapy, you experience an environment that…

  • Provides a forum that is safe and confidential to facilitate the opportunity for further growth and development of a healthier lifestyle, particularly in the area of interpersonal relationships including the relationship among and between group members. This is different from a support group or 12-Step meeting that does not generally focus on the interpersonal relationships of group members.
  • As much as possible, keeps the focus in the “here and now,” not “there and then.”
  • Frames all questions, statements and comments in the “I,” not the “you.”
  • Keeps the difference between thoughts and feelings clear, and with the cognitive and the emotional. This is the facilitating therapist’s responsibility.
  • Maximizes your time. Each group session, like life, is limited. Come prepared to say what you need to say, even if it is simply to state the difficulty of saying anything at all.
  • Embraces expressions of caring and concern for other group members, as well as identification with their struggle. Judgments of others are not helpful behaviors and can be destructive to the cohesion of the group.
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