Our therapists have significant experience in counseling adults, couples, families and groups. Each therapist associated with Lampost Wellness Centers is highly skilled in providing an environment in which you can feel safe in more deeply experiencing yourself, thereby opening your life up to a better lit path of opportunity and personal wellness.

Michael Labbe

Michael Labbe, LCPC

Director | Psychotherapist

My journey to become a counselor includes deep personal life experiences that inform my therapeutic vision. Throughout my education and practice in mental health treatment, I have focused on psychodynamic and interpersonal models of therapy, specifically to help light a path that only the patient can truly see. My goal is to provide an environment of trust and safety where you can explore and work through life’s most difficult issues without judgment. Together, we have the opportunity to resolve difficulties and to enrich your life and relationships.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you as an individual, couple, or in group, in a safe and non-judgmental space, where we can explore together what the past meant, the present offers, and the future may hold.

I am the father of four adult sons, and reside with my partner Terri in Bethesda, MD.


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, State of Maryland
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, District of Columbia
  • Board Certified Professional Counselor (NBCC)
  • Certified Practioner -Eriksonian Brief Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP

Mike is a talented therapist who genuinely cares about his clients. Through his keen insight and nonjudgmental approach, he has helped me make a series of life changes that have significantly improved my sense of well-being.   


For me, Mike has been the perfect blend of psychotherapist, life coach and friend. He helped me with issues of honesty, fear and isolation. He helped me navigate through some difficult real life problems , whether they be at home , work, or personal relationships.  He helped me get to the light through some dark tunnels. I’d highly recommend Mike Labbe.  


I’ve been seeing Michael for a few years now and I’m so grateful to have him as my therapist. I have dealt with anxiety and depression all of my life so having Michael to help me through my ups and downs has been freeing. I’ve had therapists that stare at the clock but not him. We work on core issues and he gives me great feedback . I highly recommend Michael. 


I started seeing Mike a few months after finding out about my then-husband’s affair. It was one of the most (if not the most) traumatizing events of my life. I felt shattered and lost. Mike helped me tremendously in the rebuild that would take place over the next year. Not only did Mike help me with that particular traumatic event, he also helped me identify my priorities and my goals in life and the obstacles that were holding me back. He helped me identify childhood traumas that are the root of my challenges today. And he gave me a toolbox of practical exercises and advice for everyday stresses and challenges. I trust Mike deeply and have recommended him to many friends who now also see him regularly.


I called Mike one night desperately seeking help getting out of a relationship. He answered and saw me soon after. It’s been about 4 years now and he has become like a second father to me. 


Mike’s counseling is instrumental to my journey of being my best self and living my best life. He incorporates spiritual principles and science into his guidance, which is a perfect combination. I leave our sessions feeling empowered and at ease. 


With his formal training as well as experiential wisdom, Mike has guided me through painful episodes of profound loss. Beyond that he has helped me reach new levels of self-awareness, forgiveness, and acceptance. I’ve been willing to go with him to places in my heart and mind that I would have never gone alone. I can’t imagine navigating these last years without his guidance. 


Ron Miller

Ron Miller, LCPC, LCADC

Clinical Director | Psychotherapist

I have four decades of experience and training as a behavioral health practitioner including individual, group, couples, and family therapy as well as substance abuse treatment. My professional journey includes working in the public and private sectors as a therapist and as a supervisor of therapists.

My approach to therapy is influenced and guided primarily by my experience with clients. They have taught me most of what I know about human psychology. My philosophy of treatment is based on the belief in the collaborative process between client and therapist, mutual trust in that process, and that each person seeking treatment is the expert on knowing themselves. Clients show me the way to help guide them toward resolution of their issues.


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, State of Maryland

Licensed Professional Counselor, District of Columbia

Board Certified Professional Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)

Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, State of Maryland

Certified Master Addictions Counselor, NBCC

Lampost Wellness Center Values

Our mission is simple. Lighting a path for each patient to find their own way to lead lives of contentment, compassion, and to flourish as human beings. Offering a safe and secure space with non-judgmental listening to suggest for patients where they might look, but not telling them what to see. Helping individuals and couples hear their own story and make sense of their past and feel prepared for a future.
Our therapeutic vision is to accompany you on your therapeutic journey. The vision you hold for your life, the desires and wishes you long for, will be different from each of ours. We see the importance of not inflicting our hopes and dreams on to yours, and to let you venture securely into your future and not the one we could project on to you. We envision therapy as being all about you. You alone are the expert on your life.

We promise not to judge, not to criticize, not to determine. It is our jobs as therapists to hear and to listen and we promise to do that. Our rooms are places we’ve pledged will be safe and completely confidential. Our goal is to serve as compassionate companions along part of your complicated journey, and to help you make sense of it. Only in the presence of such compassion can a patient allow themselves to experience their truths.



Lampost Wellness Centers’ space is located on the first floor of a home owned by Suburban Hospital, which is directly across the street. Ample free parking is available in the rear of the home.